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We do not endorse each and every things that appear in the videos below but we find it relevant enough to have the enthusiasm to share them with you. Most videos where done in the seventies and part of it may show the use of animals, including monkeys and humans, in some type of experimentations and observations. We strongly regret that such experiments have been done, but since they have been done, they may help us understand how we can better take care of each other and our self, and understand our personal and collective histories and their consequences.

The traditional art of children massage
Documentary, 23 minutes, Year 1976
Chaiyuth Priyasith
Archive, 36 seconds, Year 1993 (silent)
Documentary, 10 minutes, Year 1976
Happy Babies
Documentary, 6 minutes, Year 1981
Rock A Bye Baby (Part One)
Documentary, 15 minutes, Year 1970

Rock A Bye Baby (Part Two)
Documentary, 13 minutes, Year 1970

Compassion and Yoga, meeting with Karen Armstrong
Interview, 7 minutes, Year 2006



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