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Rahul Bharti, Ancient Massage and Ancient Healing

Born in Varanasi in India, Rahul Bharti had an extraordinary childhood marked by long periods of nomadic wandering. Learning and living with healers in India, Thailand, a traditional gipsy tribe in Sri Lanka, he received transmissions on the arts of healing, and took care for the well-being of others since his early age.

As a young boy, he traveled to Thailand and came into contact with the art of Ancient Massage. Gathering ancient skills, and developing an exceptional intuition, he studied and practiced in the north and south with local healers. After many years of studying in Chiang Mai, at the Old Medicine Hospital, he has made Nepal his home.

Since his arrival in Nepal, Rahul Bharti, pioneer of Ancient Massage in Nepal, worked in collaboration with Lama Zopa Rinpoche at The Himalayan Yogic Institute and others as practitioner, teacher and therapist. He also taught students of the Naropa University and the University of Wisconsin Study Abroad Programs in Nepal. In 1997, he co founded The Kathmandu Center of Healing. In 2001 he founded his own center, The Healing Hands Center, also based in Katmandu.

After more than thirty years of intense learning, teaching and practice, he is now traveling all over the world to give workshops to healers, physiotherapists, doctors, yoga teachers, psychologists, nurses, including entrepreneurs and artists from all horizons. He adresses all generations (18… till 90 years old), nationalities, cultures, religions and belief systems.

His main goal is universal, and urgent for the present times : to teach everyone to heal themselves in order to be able to heal others. Continuous intenses practices, through his seminars, workshops, regular teachings, and private consultations, allow eachone to discover profound and durable benefits. Leading often to expansion of the senses ( improvement of the sight and audition), amelioration of the memory and brain fluxes, restoration of the global immune system, and the raise of body consciousness in each cell.

And it goes along with a great state of well-being and joy.

No physical, psychological, spiritual pain stays unanswered, even in the most complex and hard cases (Rahul Bharti works with paraplegic people)

“Where science and modern medicine give up, I start”