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These principle are for all our students, present, past and future as well as all members of The Ancient Massage Foundation.

As the Buddha did (for his community of nuns and monks), in order to harmonize their relationships with each others and integrate them gracefully into their present community and circumstances, inspired by His teaching, we came up with a few principles to which all the members of The Ancient Massage Foundation adhere in addition to the set of rulesRules already mentioned elsewhere in this website.

1. I will bring good reputation to the Ancient Massage Foundation, The Healing Hands Center by updating my address, email address, phone number, domain name on the website of The Ancient Massage Foundation in due time. I will use an email address only if I plan to reply to emails promptly.

This was added after receiving comments that some of our members were not responding to emails or could not be reached over the phone.

2. I will abstain from any sexual conduct with any client and student.

This was added after one of our student was perceived to have misbehaved.

3. Respect toward your teacher and your teacher's family and dependents is certainly of good advice in order to keep it all smooth and harmonious. Your teacher and all his family and dependents have an unbreakable and sacred bond with you, which is very difficult to keep intact when you misbehave.

This was added after the staff of the foundation were insulted, when hatred was expressed and so forth which generated a lot of difficulties and distress on both sides.

4. Do not use "The Ancient Massage Foundation®" and "The Healing Hands Center™", "Ancient Massage™" and "Rahul Bharti" for your self or to name your "business", your website, your domain name. You can only refer to it as the place where you studied and from where you qualified. You should develop your own "trade mark" and identify your work only with your own "trade mark".

What is a trade for us ? A trade is  a job, especially one that needs special skill, that involves working with your hands.

This was added in response to advice received from our legal advisors and other considerations.

5. As a student and member I agree to abide by these principles here above and rulesRules.

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