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About curing cancer or any kind of diseases.

Sometimes we receive this kind of call for help :

Subject: Urgent - treatment for cancer

Dear Mr. Rahul Bharti,

I was referred to you by friends in Singapore. I am told you have successfully treated and healed cancer patients.
I am a cancer patient. I was diagnosed with stage IIA lung cancer in March 2015. I underwent surgery to remove part of my lung in April 2015. Following that, I refused chemotherapy and took on alternative treatments. In January 2016, my scan showed cancer in my lower spine bones.
Can you assist? My number in Singapore is xx-xxxxxxxx.



We always reply something like that :

Dear Sir,

Your email made me utterly silent for a long time.
Knowing what you have to endure inspire so much respect from me to you.

I hardly feel to write more because I am speechless, but please give me your permission for writing a few words that may not be a reply to your question or any help for you.
I will freely write and some of the things I will be writing about, you probably already know. My profound and sincere apologies if this not leading you anywhere.

I am shocked that some people spread the rumor that Mr. Rahul Bharti has or can heal cancer patients.
Did you friend check his fact before telling you that my son has successfully treated and healed cancer patients.
Quite a number of people come here in Pondicherry, hundreds or thousands go to the shrine in Lourdes in France or to Joćo de Deus in Brazil and possibly some get cure.
I know that in the shrine in Lourdes in France they try to keep a record since 1883 and after thorough scientific investigations by a large group of doctor and professors over many years, and they officially recorded 69 complete cure which they call miracles. See this video for more details.
I was looking for a cure for myself not long ago and I did approach Joćo de Deus in Brazil for my ailment, I received this reply :


The thing is that there are so many people seeking his help at the center that it is impossible to keep records. Even among the thousands I have helped get here and go through the processes, there is little in the way of records. Plus, you ailment is not a common problem, not as common as cancer.

But I believe that there is much to gain and little in coming here.

Wish I could offer you more support.


The awaken and kind scientific community is well aware of some spontaneous remissions, complete remissions. A recent and very good testimony and I believe scientifically proven, is the case of Anita Moorjani who wrote a book called "My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing". The awaken and kind scientific community is well aware since hundreds of years of some spontaneous remissions, complete remissions but cannot replicate it and they are not happy about it. All what a kind doctor or professor want is to be able to offer a cure for his fellow man. Anything less that that is personal suffering to them and distress to their patient.

The problem we human have is that we generally do not manage to develop a warm relation with doctor and professors and them with us for numerous reasons and we perceive their actions as violent and inconsiderate. So the way we may feel treated feels more like a rape than a cure. That may not be your case but it is the case for many. I could write more of the reasons for the same.

So in the spirit of "The Lourdes Medical Bureau (Bureau des Constatations Médicales)", there is not one single recorded scientific proof that Mr. Rahul Bharti has cure cancer neither Mr. Joćo de Deus in Brazil if I am not mistaken and Mr. Rahul Bharti has never claimed such abilities.

I can tell you what Mr. Rahul Bharti told me. I laugh with people, we have a wonderful time together, I make them happy and what happen happen.

Speechless in the world I am.

Warm regards,


And then we send an other email like that :

Dear Sir,

You are most welcome to contact Mr. Rahul Bharti anytime.
Would you need his personal phone number, let me know.
He will be in Kathmandu very soon, then in Hong Kong in June, then in France in August, then back in Pondicherry in September.
He is a very nice guy, we may get along very well.

Please feel very much that you are most welcome, here, or where ever Mr. Rahul Bharti is. You are most welcome together with your friend, with your family and children or alone.



What will happen if I do not send my fees in time?

Your registration will be automatically cancelled if we do not receive your fees within 5 days.

My question is about the therapists training, how does it work? Can I go there and learn without being part of one of the courses? I am asking because I do not have too much money and the course would take an important part of my budget.

Regretfully we are not able to accept any nonpaying students. Of course you cannot learn without being part of the class. If you are interesting to learn you should be interesting to put the teaching into practice, that is the type of students we want to teach to. If you do not plan to put the teaching into practice, then you will not learn or complete the apprenticeship. To learn something you have to put it to the test, gain experience from it. The course we give is just part of the apprenticeship, to practice for six month afterward is the actual completion of the course. To generate the amount of money needed to pay for the course is not difficult for a dedicated practitioner.

In Lonely Planet, Nepal, 6th Edition, Published August 2003 there is confusion between The Healing Hands Center and The Kathmandu Center of Healing. Could you please clarify ?

In 1997, Rahul Bharti and a friend, founded The Kathmandu Center of Healing. Together they directed the center until 2001, at which time Rahul Bharti left The Kathmandu Center of Healing and founded his own center of learning named The Healing Hands Center.

In 2001, 2002 and 2003 we wrote to Lonely Planet to clarify the new situation but the messages did not get through clearly and therefore the confusion. We hope that in the 7th Edition to be published in 2006, the confusion will be cleared.

Are courses guaranteed to be run or are they on minimum number basis ?

Courses are guaranteed to run for any students that have registered and paid the full amount of the course fee.

How many people per class ?

No more than 8 students are in the class.

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