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Ancient ‘Thai’ massage course

    10 days (incl. the foundation course)

    Ancient massage originated 2600 years ago in the time of the Buddha. It is better known under the name Traditional Thai massage, Nuad Phaen Boran of Thai Yoga massage. 

    Ancient​ Healing & Singing Bowls

      5 days

      Ancient Healing, a ‘laying hands on’ technique, is also known as the grandparent of Reiki. Through our hands, we can sense​, and thus diagnose,​ what the other person is going through. ​It’s a powerful method that balance​s​ male​/​female energy​ and​​ the chakras,​ ​​​while we give love and trust and/or take away heavy energy.

      Understanding the energetic system & self healing

        5 days foundation​ course

        We are more than our physical body and the mind. We also have an energetic system! Rahul takes you on a journey whereby you learn the structure and functioning of your energetic body. Understanding of this system is the base for healing.

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