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All what can be written or said is not to be believed but experienced. Then one will discover the real value of a teaching. If it is not your experience it is of no value what so ever. But for the ones who have not yet experienced the benefits of Ancient Massage, it should be clearly described as to give confidence in this art.

You can help others tremendously by giving Ancient Massage, and it will  bring joy to yourself also. Ease and comfort, a well aligned body and open chakras, a more peaceful mind and a relaxed heart are some of the benefits for both the receiver and the giver.

For the receiver

The joy of receiving
Calmness and rest
The simplicity of accepting help
A refreshed spirit
A general increase of energy
An opening of the meridians and blocked areas of the body
Relief for pain and muscle tension
The body and mind (heart) are strengthened and rejuvenated
Blood and lymph circulation are improved
An increase in flexibility
The nervous system is balanced
Deep relaxation is facilitated

For the giver

The joy of generosity
The joy of compassion
The joy of equanimity
The joy of oneness
Feeling of loving kindness
The adamantine pride of the healer

Even though the healer seemingly works on only the body, the achievement of interconnectedness between body, speech (energy), and mind (heart) make Ancient Massage a complete healing.

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