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The Healing Hands Center

Founder: Rahul Bharti Rahul Bharti
Director: Rahul Bharti Rahul Bharti

The Healing Hands Center offers residential and non-residential courses and training for future Ancient Massage / Thai Massage therapists and Ancient Massage / Thai Massage teachers.

It provides a conducive atmosphere and location for study.


The Ancient Massage Foundation

Founder: Deva
Director: Rahul Bharti Rahul Bharti
Honorary member: Andreas Pfletschinger Andreas Pfletschinger
Honorary member: Peter Kristensen Peter Kristensen
Members: Members

The Ancient Massage Foundation for the propagation and preservation of the Ancient Massage Tradition is an international, non-profit organization. The Foundation is devoted to the transmission of the Ancient Massage / Thai Massage tradition and values worldwide through teaching and community service.

The Foundation freely promotes therapists and teachers who agree to abide by these principles Principles and all rules and regulations governing the country in which they reside, travel and practice.

The foundation owns a diversified portfolio, which is managed to provide a perpetual source of support for the foundation's programs and operations.

Since our financial resources are modest, we focus on a limited number of goals.

It publicizes, promotes and facilitates the ongoing development of the Ancient Massage Foundation website and other educational resources. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a public web site, planning conferences and teachings, and offering grants to research on Ancient Massage / Thai Massage.

It publishes the Ancient Massage Foundation journal online, using the news and articles of its members and others.

The Ancient Massage Foundation strives to be accurate and nonpartisan in its communications with its members and the general public.

The Ancient Massage Foundation is a grassroots organization effective-through the participation of its members. The Ancient Massage Foundation activities emphasize the value of an involved membership.

It protects the Ancient Massage Foundation name, and the names, service marks and trademarks associated with all other intellectual property held by the Ancient Massage Foundation.

The Ancient Massage Foundation has no representatives, affiliations and chapters anywhere in the world as we have limited human and financial resources.

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