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Date: 1 – 5 July 2023
Wolvertem, Belgium

Understanding the energetic system & self healing

5 days foundation course

We are more than our physical body and the mind. We also have an energetic system! Rahul takes you on a journey whereby you learn the structure and functioning of your energetic body. Understanding of this system is the base for healing. It helps to recognize energetic blockages by yourself and others. Specific exercises for each individual chakra will be taught to enhance the quality of your life.


Anatomy and physiology: the soul, the 7 major chakras, masculine and feminine energy, the elements: water-fire-wind etc.
Self-healing: detox program, grounding and balancing your energy.

To join this self-exploring adventure, register yourself here: …

5 Days foundation course
Beginning: 1st of July
Ending: 5th of July
Activities: 9.30 – 17.00
Language: English

Regular fee: € 680 (incl. vat and a vegetarian lunch)
Maximum 20 participants

Phone/whatsapp: Lieselotte +32 472766220