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Date: 7 – 16 July 2023
Alcamparol, France

Ancient ‘Thai’ massage course

10 days massage course incl. the foundation course

Ancient ‘Thai’ massage originated 2600 years ago in the time of the Buddha. It is better known uder the name: Traditional Thai massage, Nuad Phaen Borarn or Thai Yoga massage. Whatever the name is, it is an extra ordinary method to aligning the energies of the body.

The massage consists of a combination of stretches, pressure points and ‘Tai Chi’ movements given on a mat on the floor. There is no use of oil as the receiver wears loose comfortable clothes.

Due to the beautiful, flowing connections between the movements, the whole massage looks and feels as a meditative dance. You will learn to give an ancient massage of 1,5 hour, which is part of thought the closest to the origianl ancient massage, created by Dr. Jivaka Kumar Baccha, the doctor of the Buddha.


    • Foundation course: the soul, the 7 major chakras, masculine and feminine energy, the elements: water-fire-wind etc.
    • Giving a high-quality treatment: treatment environment, materials, how to diagnose and treat a client to get the best result, treatment timings, and cleaning the energy.
    • Therapist practices: detox program, grounding and balancing your energy, meditations, and ancient yoga stretches.
    • Ancient massage: history, sequence, technique, touch and flow.
    • Singing bowls: introduction.

To join this comprehensive massage course, register yourself here: …

Beginning: 7th of July
Ending: 16th of July
Activities: 9.00 – 17.30
Language: English

Regular fee: € 1000 (incl. vat)
Maximum 15 participants

Accommodation on site: 35€/night

Phone/whatsapp: Jenny +33 6 69 01 04 17