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Ancient​ Healing & Singing Bowls

5 days

€ 720​ (incl. vat) (= €​ ​595,04 net amount)

Ancient Healing

Ancient Healing, a ‘laying hands on’ technique, is also known as the grandparent of Reiki. Through our hands, we can sense​, and thus diagnose,​ what the other person is going through. ​It’s a powerful method that balance​s​ male​/​female energy​ and​​ the chakras,​ ​​​while we give love and trust and/or take away heavy energy.

Singing Bowls

“Wh​at we can not do with our hands​​, ​we can do with the singing bowls…”

That’s how ​amazing​ singing bowls are! You will learn about the history of Tibetan singing bowls, how they ​work, what they can do for someone, how to clean the bowls and at the end of the course, you will be able to play 3​ impressive​ sequences originating from the Shamans from Sri Lanka.

Ancient Healing and Tibetan singing bowls are a great combination ​to ​understand​, guide​ and support ​a person.
Working with singing bowls is an enormous added value for health workers, therapists and coaches.​ However, with the right intention, anyone can play, enjoy and help others.