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Feel to Heal

We are here to heal each other.

We really are.

It’s what we humans were designed to do. 

But through the ages, we somehow forgot how. 

Luckily, those ancient techniques were not lost forever. 

In our workshops I share and teach thàt which you are already capable of:

your natural ability to heal others and in doing so, … heal yourself.

Because let’s face it: today, more than ever, …

… modern healthcare could use a helping hand.

So, it might as well be yours.

Upcoming Courses

Rahul Bharti


Born in Varanasi in India, Rahul Bharti had an extraordinary childhood, living with healers in India, Thailand, and from a traditional gipsy tribe in Sri Lanka. He received transmissions on the arts of healing through ancient massages, energy & sound healing, cupping and acupuncture.

After more than thirty years of intense learning, teaching and practicing, he travels every year throughout the world to give workshops to healers, physiotherapists, doctors, yoga teachers, psychologists, nurses, including entrepreneurs and artists from all horizons. He is the founder of the Healing Hands Center, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

His main goal is universal, and urgent for the present times: to teach everyone to heal themselves in order to be able to heal others. Many of Rahul students later became teachers and are now helping him to spread his unique message and knowledge.